ZBD2000 Edit

The ZBD2000 is a amphibious armoured fighting vehicle. The ZBD2000 ATGM version of the ZBD2000 has been confirmed to be part of the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising game. The ZBD2000 has 3 different versions; the 105mm rifled gun light tank, IFV 30mm cannon with HJ-73C ATGM, and armoured logistic vehicle. At this point we don't know if there will be more versions of the ZBD2000 available in the game. This is a vehicle that is normally used by the Republic Army of China, so we assume that the PLA will make use of this vehicle.

Capacity & Weapons Edit

The light tank variant is operated by a crew of 4, a driver positioned left-front of the turret, gunner (105mm rifled gun with total of 35 rounds, APDS, HEAT, HEF, and 4 ATGM anti-tank missiles, and coaxial type 67-II with 250 x 8 / 2000 rounds) and commander (360 degree vision + QJC88 100 rounds x 3 / 300 rounds with about 90 degree firing arc in front of the turrent). The light tank variant cannot take any passengers.

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