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(W)Z-10 Edit

The (W)Z-10 is an attack helicopter created by the Republic Army of China. It was designed at first to take out heavy armor and tanks. But experts assume the Z-10 has air-to-air capability as well. In OF:DR, it is the primary attack helicoptor used by the PLA force, appearing in several missions.

Capacity Edit

The (W)Z-10 is an attack helicopter and is not used for transportation. It can protect air convoys and serve to search and destroy enemy armor. The Z-10 offers room for a pilot (who pilots the helicoptor and operates heavy weaponary) and a gunner (who operates the remote controlled chaingun at the chin).

Weapons Edit

The (W)Z-10 is armed with a 30mm chain gun and devastating HF25 Rocket Pods. To protect itself against air targets it is also armed with TY90 Air-To-Air Missiles.

Typical loadout is 250 APHE rounds for the chain gun, 44 HF25 rockets, and 8 TY90 missiles. Even though the TY90 is an anti-aircraft/helicoptor weapon, it lets you lock on to vehicles as well. It can destroy light vehicles such as jeeps but not something heavily armored as a tank.


In missions where WZ-10s are present, avoiding contact is often the best option unless you carry a SAM launcher. Try to walk through wooded areas and avoid being pinned down for a long time if caught in a firefight with enemy ground troops. If the helicoptor gunner has a fix on your location and is raining down the chain gun rounds, run to the nearest cover. Avoid houses as they can easily be destroyed. Concerete bunkers or forests are much better options. If for some reason you want/need to shoot it down with other means, use machine guns on vehicles or at emplacments. Helicoptors are more venerable than you think but do not try this when the helicoptor is already engaging your squad. If using a vehicle MG, park the vehicle on a slope so that you can get a better elevation. Remember the American Super Cobra has 2 AIM-9 Sidewinder anti-air missles which can bring down the WZ-10 in one hit.

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