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General Zheng shall die a horrible death !!Edit

I love Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising (OF2) !!

The following title in the series red river (OF3) is not as good they have made it too easy, however if your finding the OF2 difficult try OF3, it is a good game, they have made the team easier to direct, but for me i think they have made it less like a military simulator and more towards an action game like call of duty or battlefield. Still before you make up your mind, try it out for yourself as it looks a very good game. 

Bring out OF4 but make it more like OF2 but even better, with the abillity of getting you and your team to push the vehicles back over, or group to push them off rocks, or even to tow with another vehicle (and hellicopters!! There always either upside down or stuck in trees!!!! lolol). If the game creators are concerned about people not buying the game because of the difficulty level, why no include an easy mode where they can make if easier than normal mode for the people that would preffer call of duty or battlefield. Rather that sacrificing what the fans of dragon rising love. Perhaps i am mistaken, i shall play this game some more and find out.

Mail me with sugestions or add a talk page and use that...  I am making a big list of everything all the fans want and then i will supply the list to the manufacturer.

How will we get the game we want if they dont know what we want?

Hail King ZZ Monk on xbox liveEdit

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