Type 95

Type 95 SPAAG Edit

The Type 95 SPAAG is a Chinese self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle. It is armed with four 25 millimeter Anti-Aircraft-Artillery cannons and optionally four fire-and-forget QW-2 infra-red homing missiles . There are 3,996 AAA rounds in total. This is one of the anti-air vehicles that has been confirmed by Codemasters and can be seen in their vehicles trailer on their official website.

The Type 95 SPAAG's main objective is to provide cover for the ground troops and to make sure the sky is clear. This is why the vehicle shouldn't be used as transport and should be placed in covered areas to prevent enemies to locate and destroy the Type 95 SPAAG.

Capacity Edit

The Type 95 SPAAG can't take any passengers and has space for up to 3 crew members, a driver, gunner, and commander.

Weapons Edit

The Type 95 SPAAG is armed with four 25MM AUTOCANNONS and QW2 Surface To Air Missiles. These weapons can destroy enemy helicopters with ease. According to the trailer from Codemasters it is possible to use this vehicle at night. This vehicle can also be used in the multiplayer map, "Stomping Ground" when you are in the PLA team.