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Skira Island

Skira Island is the main setting of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Based directly on Kiska Island, Alaska, the developers have aimed to accuratley reproduce the 277.698 km (107.220 sq mi) of terrain, giving the players a playing area of natural terrain, unlike most games where the terrain is either designed artificially designed or procedurally generated.

Development Edit

In order to realistically duplicate Kiska, the developers sent a team of photographers to document the islands terrain in great detail, from the patterns on leaves to panoramas of the island. To create the enviroment of Skira, Codemaster's art teams used a "combination of 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop and multiple home-built custom tools".

At first, Codemasters wanted to leave the island exactly as it is in real life, but it turned out tweaking the island here and there made the map more interesting.

Terrain Edit

The terrain of Skira greatly varries, depending on where the player is on the island. At the Western end, there is a stratovolcano with a base diameter of 8.5 km × 6.4 km (5.3 mi × 4.0 mi) and a peak height of 1,221 m (4,010 ft). At the base of the volcano, there is a region of low land lakes. There is also a ridge of 300+ meter (1000+ feet) of mountains on the western area of the island, while the other portion is flatter, and contains numerous lakes and water ways.

Other terrain features include:

  • Forests
  • Swamps
  • Grasslands

In Game Edit

Single Player Edit

While in the single player game, the whole 277km(not including the surrounding sea,which is also traversable) is accesssible to the player. Scattered throughout the island are small villiages and towns, full of crumbling soviet era buildings. These settlments will be empty during the game, as civilains were evacuated prior to the games story. While the player is allowed to travel anywhere on the island, time restrictions from missions, along with possible encounters with patrolling enemies, discourage the player from going to far from the objective. In real time, it takes four and a half hours to cross the island by foot, two hours in a jeep, and twenty minutes in the games fastest helicopter.

Multiplayer Edit

In multiplayer, certain areas ("choke points") have been selected to create opportunities for teams to use strategy and for intense firefights to occur. These areas have been confirmed to be 2km by 2km (or about 1.25 miles by 1.25 miles) making the playable area 4km squared (~1.56 miles squared).

Skirinka Edit

Skirinka is a small island located to the south of Skira Island.

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