Operation Flashpoint Dragon RisingQW2

The QW-2 SAM is a chinese Anti-Aircraft Launcher that destroys helicopters easily. It has thermal sights that are alike to the American Stinger. It takes several seconds to lock on to Aircraft. It comes with one QW-2 Missile. Once fired, it is disposed. The missile is very resistant to flares. It is also mounted on the chinese Type 95 SPAAG . It cannot lock on to ground targets, making it only a weapon against air support.


The QW-2 Sights are thermal, like all the other launchers. It features a wide circular sight. Aircraft must be within the circle before lock-on can be activated. Once locking on, a small blinking square will be be over the target. After several seconds of locking on, there will be a diamond shape over the target, telling the player the target is locked on. After fired, the small blinking square will reappear. It will blink over the location where the helicopter was last hovering before the missile launched.

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