LAV-25 Edit

The LAV-25 is an eight-wheeled amphibious armored personnel carrier (APC) used by the United States Army and United States Marine Corps. The LAV-25 has multiple versions. It can take up to 9 differents tasks on the battlefield. This includes mortars, air defense, logistics, command & control, anti tank, recovery and more. In OF:DR, it acts as a primary armored personnel carrier of the US Marine Corps, mostly providing fire support in several missions.

Capacity Edit

The LAV-25 can take up to 4 passengers and contains a crew of 3, a driver (who operates the vehicle), a gunner (operates the turret, fires coax machine gun or 25mm chain gun), a commander (with 360 degree vision around the vehicle, can issue engage command for the gunner).

Design Edit

The LAV-25 is quite agile due to its wheel design instead of using treads. It can reach 100kmh on a flat streach of a paved road and can be driven like an oversized jeep. It is also amphibious and can swim shallow water at approximately 7kmh. The vehicle is armed with a M242 Bushmaster 25mm chain gun and a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun for the gunner, and a M240 7.62mm machine gun for the commander when he's turned out. The 25mm chain gun can fire either APHE rounds for anti-personnel or APDS rounds for anti-armor. The armor is minimal and only good against small arms fire and fragments, though if you take enough fire to vital parts it can disable the vehicle. Additionally, the LAV-25 ingame is fitted with a smoke generator that can be switched on by the driver. It preasumably works by injecting diesel fuel into the exhaust system.

Recommended UsageEdit

Do not rely on the armor as a sole mean of protection against enemy fire. Use speed and agility to evade a head-on firefight. A single HEAT round can take out the whole vehicle, even a frontal hit to the thickest part of the armor cannot protect you. Use the chain gun to pick off enemy soldiers from distance. The extra zoom and the IR sight on your gun sight comes in handy. APHE is a dual-purpose round with limited anti-armor effect, use it for soldiers and jeeps. If you see an enemy APC heading your way, try to hit them first with the APDS rounds before they have a chance to fire or retreat and try to flank it and attack it from behind. Keep in mind the chain gun can only disable lightly armorerd targets such as APCs or AAA vehicles so avoid being seen by a tank at all cost. The vehicle's smoke generator pumps out fairly thick smoke from the back of the vehicle when turned on by the driver. Use it to conceal the movements of troops behind you. Though it is capable of swimming lakes and rivers, the top speed drops considerably when in water and should never be attempted when under fire.

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