As of Sept 30 2009, the provided bonus missions are:

1. Encampment - Scoring > 75% on official website quiz.

2. Debris Field - Scoring > 85% on official website quiz.

3. Night Raid - GameStop Preorder

Players take control of a Spec Ops team, assaulting PLA units defending a key infrastructure asset on the Island. Using night vision, giving the player’s fireteam better visual range than the PLA defenders, players can choose whether to move slowly and stealthily, at the risk of the location being reinforced, or “go loud” and move quickly, but blowing the cover of night.

4. Ambush Mission - Amazon/HMV Preorder

Surrounded and outgunned, players control a lone infantry fireteam, tasked with holding a village against waves of PLA attackers. With the PLA assaulting from 360 degrees, players must use their fireteam to cover all the directions, using defensive cover offered by the village to hold off the attacking force. Players will use building defensive positions, fan their fireteam out amongst the village and constantly position their fireteam to offer optimal protection against the attacking PLA force.

5. Coastal Stronghold - Preorder

Players assume control of an infantry fireteam, raiding a key PLA coastal defensive position. Once the PLA defenders have been eliminated, the player will have to organise their fireteam to hold the location from PLA counter attacks, improvising defensive positions and using any fixed weapons they can find to tip the balance in their favour.

6. Close Quarters - Gamestation Preorder

A bold daytime raid on a village, the players assume control of an infantry fireteam tasked with flushing the PLA out of a village location. The PLA are already dug into strong defensive positions, and reinforcements will be on their way, so players must move swiftly to eliminate the PLA inside the village before holding off reinforcement waves from within the village. Using CBQ weaponry, grenade launchers and anti-vehicle weapons, this is a fast-paced and intensive FTE featuring building destruction and close quarters combat.