The Amphibious Assult Vehicle is a tracked amphibious troop transport vehicle used primarily by the US Marine Corps. It can carry troops and supplies to the shore and can provide further transport inland and fire support. In OF:DR, it is used in several missions that start with beach landings.

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The AAVP-7A1 can carry 13 passengers and crew of 3, a driver (who operates the vehicle), a gunner (who operates the turret, fire the MG and the grenade launcher) and a commander (with 360 degree vision around the vehicle, can issue engage orders to the gunnner). It is capable of swimming shallow, calm sea and other water body. It has good cross-country capability thanks to its tracked design but can still reach 60kmh on a flat surface. It is armed with a M2 50cal heavy machine gun and a Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The armor is slightly better than that of the LAV-25, stops small arms fire competely and never seems to be disabled by it.


The Mk19 40mm grenade launcher is capable of firing around 350 rounds per minute. The gunner can select either the HE rounds for anti-personnel and the HEDP rounds for anti-personnel with added anti-armor capability. It also carries the M2 50cal HMG in the turrent.

Recommended UsageEdit

The AAVP-7A1 is essentially a better LAV-25 with more armor and slightly less firepower (especially at longer range). It's considerably slower so shoot n' scoot is no longer possible but overall strategies are the same. Try to hang in the back and support other units with its devastating automatic grenade launcher. The grenade rounds drop considerably more than the chain gun rounds as they travel so practice to compensate for the drop. The HEDP rounds offer mediocre anit-armor performance at best. If you see an enemy APC, utilize high rate of fire and send as many rounds as possible until you knock it out. Even with its formidable armor, a single HEAT hit anywhere can still destroy the AAVP-7A1 so keep an eye out for enemy AT troops and avoid going head-to-head with enemy armors.